Day 1: Upon Arrival Afternoon/Evening: After a warm welcome and settling in your accommodations, guests may still have time to venture our 1 mile nature trail and enjoy the tranquility of nature surrounded by trees, plants and water. Or walk down the rockgarden steps to the waters edge and sit on the dock, maybe a mink peaks out his head and greets you. If you had a long exhausting travel, you can also relax on our licensed terrace and order your favorite beverage or just give your body a break.

Evening: A 3 course dinner is served between 6 and 8 pm. Please reserve your time ahead .The menu board is posted in the dining room, so before you proceed to your table  have a look at your choices. Afterwards relax on the Amabel Terrace by our outdoor fire or re-explore the many inviting spots to rekindle with nature. * Take a short drive to the Providence Bay boardwalk and watch a beautiful Sunset. *  Enjoy a good night sleep after taking in a few quiet moments on your balcony with a breathtaking  lakeview. For the “ Stargazer “experience a great sky-panorama enhanced by the reflection of the lake below, or walk out into the dark and follow the milky-way and the big dipper. * Perhaps  you have that very special night where the full moon lights up the sky or the Northern lights dance over your head!* 

Day 2: A new “Manitoulin experience” awaits you…

Morning: *Sunrise from your lake-view balcony*
* A brisk walk along our mile-long nature trail or run the 9.9 km Learmont-Tracy loop or stair climb the 99 Rockgarden steps to the lake*
*An early start coffee for take out after 7:00am and breakfast is served between 8 and 10 am*. Book in the morning (available between 3 and 5 pm) the Sauna, or one of the 3 Log Huts for yoga, meditation, or Himalayan salt hand and foot treatment.           
 Note, check-out time is at 11am on days of departure. 

Midday: *Explore Manitoulin Island* We are at the center of the island, so within a short drive you can reach the beaches, hike the trails, explore the villages and discover native local arts and culture, just ask for suggestions!

At the resort property and around the resort:
For the bikers. We have at least 4 different routes all starting from our resort. Please check out the bike map or ask us. In case you just like to go for a short bike ride to enjoy our back roads we do have the old style coaster bikes available, but please bring your own helmet.
For the hikers:  Our ~ 2km nature/cave walk through the forest, down to the fishing pier and up to the 'Maria Sebastian' cottage and back, we call it forest bathing.  Great to connect with body mind and soul. (To visit the cave please ask for the gate key at the office). Bring good walking shoes!

For the Paddlers: Reserve our kayaks or canoe to explore our shoreline and the beautiful Amabel cliffs.
For the Water lovers: Chose from the fishing pier along the nature trail or the large dock off the Rockgarden: Great places to bring your fishing rod or just a beach-towel and listen to the calming sounds of nature, waves and go for a refreshing swim. Please remember to bring along water shoes (shoreline rocks are slippery).
For a refreshing swim: * Down the Rockgarden off our dock or visit the public sandy beach down the road (less than a mile!).

Afternoon (3-5 pm): "Exhale" at  the Amabel Spa Cliff House and Terrace,  your time to - relax - retreat – rejuvenate. Here you will find the: Sauna  * Sunroom * Outdoor games  * Lounging area *.  An Amabel Spa Activity board awaits you with our daily offering. We begin with a complimentary herbal tea and homemade German Stollen or almond Kipferl. Then enjoy one of the following activities that you had booked in the morning: The Finnish wood-fired outdoor sauna or one of our private Log Huts for i) meditation ii) yoga or iii) *Himalayan Salt “ hand and foot therapy. Relax in the sunroom overlooking the water with a book and your cup of tea.  After your 2 hour of activities sit back on our terrace and we’d be happy to serve you a beverage of your choice.
Please note Spa treatments will be posted as they become available. In an uncertain time with the pandemic the Spa services are going to be affected in the 2021 season. We are guided by safety and enjoyment. The European inspired hydrotherapy pools and indoor jet spa will not be available this season, however we are very committed to add these facilities in the very near future .

It is our goal to give each and everyone of our guests a memorable stay at Rockgarden Terrace.

Please note Alcohol consumption is not permitted on our outdoor grounds and Spa buildings. Our Terrace is licensed  and you may order your beverages which have to be consumed at the terrace .

We look forward to welcoming you. Sincerely Carmen, Sander and Angela

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